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A Cut Above Floral Studio FAQs 832-343-4800

FAQs  This is a helpful guide to assist you with some questions you may have regarding ordering your flower arrangements for your loved ones, and how we can assist you in the process.  Always feel free to reach out and call us anytime.

Does it make a difference if I order from you (a local florist), or a wire service? 

Yes!!! It makes a huge difference! Most people don't realize that when they order through a wire service, their order is usually being fulfilled by some local florist! In fact, two wire service orders (even when made at the same time) might be filled by two separate florists! And by ordering through a wire service, you won't know which florist is actually making and delivering what you bought until it arrives.

Ordering directly means you know exactly who's going to be making and delivering your flowers. And that's important! Your order probably won't be the only one you'll ever make - so getting to know your local florist develops a trusted relationship and tightens the communications between you and the actual designer!

Ordering directly also keeps all of your hard-earned dollars in your own local community, significantly helping local businesses and the people who are working hard to make you happy and grow their business. Said another way, ordering directly won't result in any of your money going to a company you'll likely never meet in person. Many flower shops have struggled or gone out of business because of big chain stores and wire services. Local florists buy, design and deliver your order! But the commission paid for a wire service's marketing is very high - thus making the local florist's profit very low.

So, bottom line, when you order directly from us, you're increasing your control, you're building a trusted relationship with your provider, and you're truly helping your own community!  And those are Big Things!  By the way... Thanks immensely!

What information do I need to place an order?

It’s easy and fun to order flowers or plants from A Cut Above Florals. Call us or order online. You’ll need a complete address and contact phone number for your recipient where you want the flowers delivered along with delivery date. We'll also need any gate code or apartment or suite number, and business name if applicable. You need to know what you want to say on the message card. And of course you need the information from a major credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) including your billing address. If the order is for a funeral service, you need the name of the deceased and the time for the scheduled viewing or service. We need to be able to contact you as well.  So please make sure we have your phone number in case we need to reach you.  Please order as early as you can if at all possible.

Do we substitute the flowers and/or vases in your arrangements?

Possibly. This is the best way to guarantee timely delivery of a beautiful arrangement. By agreeing to a substitution, you allow the designer to use the freshest flowers on hand to create a design similar to the one you chose. Not allowing our designers to make substitutions can sometimes result in a delay in the delivery.

Sometimes it is necessary to substitute due to quality/condition or stock of the flowers.  If you are absolutely certain you want NO substitutions - please allow 24 hours for your order to be placed. This will allow us to provide you with the specific flowers you are requesting.  And please state "no substitutions" in the Special Instructions section on your order.  It may not always take extra time.  But sometimes we need to give our distributors time to get us the necessary flowers.  And you may want to make exceptions for out-of-season flowers.

Can you deliver by a specific time?

Maybe. We can't guarantee it but we'll do our best! Just add a note in the Special Instructions section. For example, say "deliver before 3:00 PM, she leaves work then." That way the driver will know to make it a priority.  Please understand that if you're placing an order on a Friday to a business or school to offer an alternate address and make sure we have a contact phone number for the recipient.

Can you deliver flowers to the hospital?

Yes! Nothing beats flowers and balloons to brighten a hospital room! We will deliver a beautiful bouquet or green plant to the front desk at the hospital. A hospital employee or volunteer will take it from there. Check our Get Well selections now.  Make sure we have a contact phone number for the patient in the event of a discharge. and make sure they are still in the hospital at the time you order the flowers.  And, please provide a room number at the time of your order.

What if there is no one home when you deliver?

It depends on what YOU prefer! The delivery person may leave your order at or near the door (weather permitting). If you prefer that we leave your order with a neighbor, please provide a note in the Special Instructions section, such as “If no one’s at home, leave it with the next door neighbor on the left.” In left, the delivery person will call the recipient, and leave a voicemail message if needed. If the delivery is returned to the shop per your request, the florist will contact you about a second delivery being required and the associated second delivery charge. Every effort will be made to contact the recipient of the gift awaiting them. 

Can you schedule a Funeral Arrangement? 

Absolutely! Sympathy arrangements take priority in the florist business. If you say, for example, “memorial service at 11:00 AM,” we’ll make a special effort to deliver the arrangement the day before or early in the morning.  Please note the name of the person the flowers are for along with the correct funeral home and always check time of service. Some funeral homes have multiple locations.

Can you delivery to a Gated Community/Secure Location/Military Base?

Of course we can…with a little anticipation! Be sure you give us a daytime phone number for the person receiving the flowers. Two phone numbers are twice as nice! And put a note in the Special Instructions section of the order to let us know it’s a secure area or building. Some facilities will allow delivery to a gate guard or main office, so let us know if that’s an option. Make sure we can contact the recipient. And, the gate code so, we can get in!!!

How do I get a refund and how long will it take?

Oh dear! If we dropped the ball on your order we certainly want to know about it. Send an email to us and make sure we have your information from your order that was placed we do offer a 7 day guarantee - if it's passed that time we cannot offer a refund. Email: info@acutabovefloralstudio.com. Or call 832-343-4800 to speak to a customer service agent. If a refund is in order, we can submit that right away. It may take two to 10 days for your credit card company or your bank to post the credit to your account—that part is up to them.

What credit cards to we accept?

We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express. Some of our partners may except other cards such as pay pal and others.

How do I place a RUSH delivery?

We’ll try our best! If you need the flowers delivered before 1:00 pm, An additional $15 fee will apply.  This may not always be possible during high season holidays. It's always best to call the store if you have an urgent order phone the store at 281-741-5207 .

Oops! I accidently placed the order twice... What do I do?

No problem! Just send us an email to the following email: info@acutabovefloralstudio.com to let us know about it. Include one of the confirmation numbers. We will cancel the duplicate to ensure your credit card is charged for only one order. If you prefer, you can call 832-343-4800 to speak to a customer service agent in our customer service department. But be prompt! If the order has already been delivered or is in route, we cannot guarantee we’ll be able to cancel it but we will do our best!

What do I do if I made a mistake on my order?

Never fear, help is here! If you need to change the order, let us know as soon as possible so we can correct the error before it goes out and we will try to get it resolved as quick as possible.

What types of chocolates to you use?  And, balloons?

Our chocolates are gourmet boxed chocolates or truffles. Sometimes we use local chocolatiers to assure the freshest and highest quality chocolate possible. Are balloons are Mylar and we do use Latex as well.  And, most of the Mylar have special messages for a specific occasion on them. 

I really like a specific arrangement but I would like to change the flowers. Can I do that?

You can request a specific flower or flowers once you’ve made your selection. Enter the information in the Instructions field on the order form. Please note, however, that flowers are subject to availability and we cannot guarantee specific flowers. But, we can try.

International Order Fees: There is a relay fee of $25 in addition to our regular service fee of $15.99.  The minimum order for each country varies.